Rocks-Off Oriel Rechargeable Wand – Black and Copper

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The Ultimate Couples Play Wand

Luxuriously sleek and designed for pure pleasure, Oriel is the perfect addition for couples who enjoy intense, sensual and full on vibrational contact.

Discrete in appearance but powerful in performance, the sensory velvet touch silicone, easy controls and flexible head ensures that you will receive deep vibrations exactly where and when you want them as Oriel niches to your body’s curves and trigger points.
Tease your senses, feel your passion rise and let go.

Discrete size, maximum power.

Sensory velvet touch body safe silicone.

Metallic ABS.
10 highly powerful vibration and pulsation levels.
Flexible head for precision stimulation.
100 % fully waterproof.
LED pulse.
USB magnetic charge.
3 hours charge time for up to 3 hours of pleasure.
Available in 3 colours.

Turn on:

Press/hold button for 3 seconds to turn LED on SLOW flashing (pulse) to indicate product is ready for use / stand-by mode.


LED on constant for all settings
Low battery life:

LED FAST flashes (pulse) when battery power low.

On constant while charging.

Flashing when fully charged.

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