Fun Factory PULSE VIBE Sundaze Fuchsia pink

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The Pulse Vibe Sundaze vibrator from Fun Factory is designed to give you extraordinary orgasms! This toy from the famous German brand is much more than a simple vibrator: it combines several technologies to deliver incredible sensations and make you experience very intense moments in solo or in pairs!
Discover a multitude of stimulations with the Sundaze: it pulses, offers pushing movements, taps, shakes and vibrates for orgasms of unparalleled fullness and depth
Its two ultra-quiet motors offer 6 modes of vibration and 6 pulsation, as well as 4 rhythms that combine several different stimuli to surprise you and arouse excitement instantly! The control buttons at the base of the Sundaze are very simple and intuitive, and also allow you to save your favorite combination for next use, or to lock your toy while on the move thanks to the Travel Lock mode.

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