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Tyler the vibrating cockring is one of the all-round talents that we have. He is designed for couples with an adventurous intimate lifestyle. His nodules can satisfy a woman’ s clitoris while having sex for more focus on the external stimulation. If you use Tyler the other way round, you can to enjoy the vibration at the testicles. With 5 programs and 5 intensities, Tyler offers you a lot of possibilities. The handling is really simple. To turn Tyler on and off, you hold the button for 3 seconds. To change the program, you have to double click. When you turn Tyler on, he starts in the middle intensity. If you want to increase the intensity, you press the button once. After Tyler reaches the highest intensity, he starts again in the lowest. Tyler is, like all of our products, rechargeable. It takes one hour to charge him and you can enjoy his vibrations for one hour then. Unexpended, Tyler has an inner diameter of 2,9cm. He is 100% waterproof which allows you to clean it easily and take it to the bath tub or enjoy the vibrations under the shower. The soft silicon is not only skin friendly, but also 100% environmentally friendly. * Super Powerful Vibration * Designed specifically for couples * Waterproof * Rechargeable * Body-safe silicone nodule pad designed for enhanced clitoral stimulation * Ultra soft silicone ring that is stretchable for an easy and comfortable fit

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