Lovetoy Alien’s Pie Masturbator 3

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Highly detailed and expertly hand crafted, this realistic alien’s private part is created for out of the world authentic experience. This amazing Alien’s pie provides mind-blowing sensations that beats a real blow job.
Its muff pie easily handles years of thrusting day and night. The  designed insertion tunnel has a nest of nubs waiting to stroke you as slide deep inside and is full of numerous curves. For a more intense experience, this tunnel features lateral ridges, bumps, nubs, and rings throughout the whole length which mimics the texture of vagina and brings lip-licking, and tongue-flicking feel against your penis. Just experience tight, spine-tingling sensations as you go all-in. You can check the texture image on the side of the box for reference. Just experiment with it by finding the best positions and swing it back and forth for the most fun. Very easy to clean, you can flush the channel directly with running water and wipe dry.

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