Fleshlight FL Vibro Pink Lady Touch

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The complete line of pre-assembled Fleshlight Vibro Products (masturbation sleeve and case), featuring our Lady orifice and the Touch texture. Color: Pink. Orifice: Vagina. Canal Diameter: 2 cm. Canal Texture: Touch. Length: 25.4 cm. Diameter: 10 cm to 6.4 cm. Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about! The Vibro from Fleahlight is everything you love about the Fleshlight but elevated to a new level of sensual satisfaction. Truly a moving experience, the Vibro is endowed with design properties that setit apart from our other products, starting from the inside out. The specially designed Touch sleeve, made specifically for the Vibro, is made with several cylindrical "fingers" that helps spread the vibrating sensations. The vibrations start at the orifice of the Vibro, and will stimulate you from the base of the genitals all the way up to the tip.

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