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Whether you are looking for a professional pelvic muscle training or you want to play some discrete games when alone? Anura does both. Just push its power button, insert into the vagina and receive intense vibrations.
You can use this device in 2 ways. Option 1 simply tense your pelvic floor muscles or Option 2 make use of the app available on major platforms on your iOS/Android smart phone.

Why Anura is your favorite toy:
– It’s small, comfortable and easy to wear
– Its motor is very quiet to ensure discretion
– Charging time in 90 minutes with 150 minutes of game play
– Comes in a nice box with manual, USB charger & storage pouch

ANURA specifications:
– Size:23X85(175)mm
– Weight: 27g
– Material: Szilikon/ABS
– Charging: 5V
– Charging: 90 perc 300 mA
– Charging time: 150 mintuesa
– Battery: 200mAh Li-Ion Polymer

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