Svakom Vick Black

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SVAKOM Vick “ Powerful Plug Vibrator Offering 7 vibrating modes, each with 5 levels of intensity. Vick has 35 different way to take you from the beginning all the way to end and the heights of ecstasy. Vick is designed with pinhole charging port. It is waterproof so why not take things into the bath or down to the pool? SVAKOM ensures it meets the highest of requirements. The motor must have a long life span, it must be powerful, but it also must be quiet. Vick is discreet. At under 50 decibel is, you can barely hear her from more than 1 meter away. Vicky is product that can be used for both male and female. For female, it can be used for G spot and anal stimulation. For male, this is perfect for massaging the prostate. PRODUCT FEATURES * For male, it can massage male’s prostate * For female, G-spot and clitoris stimulation * 35 different frequency experiences * Powerful vibration * Whisper quiet * Rechargeable * Pinhole charging, waterproof design * Environmentally friendly material

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